English Language Learning

(High School)

Our English Language Learning (ELL) program, formerly known as ESL, has been developed to help students gain the English they need for high school graduation, university admission and workforce placement. Our school and teaching staff ensure excellence in academic class learning, and place an equal emphasis on the care and well-being of the child through supportive mentorship, academic counselling and a safe homestay program. Our well-rounded and rigorous program includes reading, writing, listening, speaking, physical education, music, arts and Christian studies.

With almost 30 years experience, we know that developing strong English skills at the beginning of the students Canadian school experience will help them achieve higher grades and prepare them for university applications of their choice. We now offer high school courses for credit, along with our English Language Learning classes. After completing our one-year ELL program, students may apply to our high school program at Regent Christian Academy (RCA), or apply to one of the many other excellent high schools in the Greater Vancouver area. Our main goal is to help our International students obtain a British Columbia Certificate of Graduation, known as the Dogwood Diploma.




English Language

(Adult Students)

Due to the growing demand from parents to learn English, we now offer ELL adult classes.
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Classes at our new campus, Opportunities for credits alongside ELL classes, Academic counselling, Student Life program, Excellence in English instruction, Variety of programming, Character building, High behavioural expectations, Uniformed



Adult Graduation

Our International students successfully learn English through a multi-disciplinary immersive program where they also have the opportunity to work towards a BC high school graduation, and prepare for university admission. Adult Learning is for students turning 18 years of age or older by September 2017 and would like to earn a BC graduation certificate. We offer a personalized program in an adult environment where our adult learners can earn the 20 Grade 12 level credits that the Ministry of Education requires to obtain a BC Adult Graduation Diploma (BCGD). The BCGD is accepted at Universities and we will provide academic counselling for all students to help them plan and apply to the Post-Secondary Institution that best suit their lifelong goals and family wishes.

Advanced Placement Courses Online (Included for Graduation Students)

The Advanced Placement (AP) program makes college and university courses available for students to take while they’re still in secondary school. Courses offered in this program are administered by the College Board which is recognized for advanced credit or placement in many Canadian and American universities and colleges.

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Small classes, Individual mentoring, Individualized programming, Opportunities for co-op learning with secondary institutions, Opportunities that will enhance university application, Character building, Academic and post secondary guidance